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Chpt 8 Memory

Diamond Ransome

1   2                        
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    5 6   7
  10     11                    

1.conscious, intentional recollection of an event or of an item of information
11.the ability to identify previously encountered material
12.strategies and tricks for improving memory, such as the use of a verse or a formula
13.the partial or complete loss of memory for important personal information
14.memories of personally experienced events and the contexts in which they occurred
2.memories for the performance of actions or skills ("knowing how")
3.a memory system that momentarily preserves extremely accurate images of sensory information
4.a method for measuring implicit memory in which a person reads or listens to information and is later tested to see whether the information affects performance on another type of task
5.in psychoanalytic theory, the selective, involuntary pushing of threatening or upsetting information into the unconscious
6.in the three box model of memory, the memory system involved in the long term storage of information
7.a meaningful unit of information; it may be composed of smaller units
8.the ability to retrieve and reproduce from memory previously encountered material
9.the process by which a long term memory becomes durable and stable
10.confusion of an event that happened to someone else with one that happened to you, or a belief that you remember something when it never actually happened

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