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Physics (Newton's Laws)

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2.forces that do not cancel each other out when acting together on a single object
7.A car is not stopped by its brakes because brakes are not ______ force
8.When an object is in _________equilibrium, the net force on it is zero
10.the amount of matter in an object
13.Pounds, kilos, and ounces are measurements of what?
14.the distance and direction between starting and ending positions
16.A force which is always perpendicular to the surface of the earth
18.A single force which cancels the vector sum of a given system of forces acting on an object
19.Inertia is quantified by ___ while the object is at rest
25.Was the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election
29.a rate of decrease in velocity
30.Mr Mutisya's most fascinating "wild" animal
31.the tendency of an object to remain in its state of rest or motion
32.Equation showing relationship between force, mass and acceleration
33.is the study of the relationships that exist between forces and the motion of objects
34.Formular for the gravitational force that pull objects down an incline
1.CBGS site with the highest number of students
3.forces that cancel each other out when acting together on a single object
4.A graphical technique used to illustrate all of the forces acting on an object
5.Sang the song "mistletoe"
6.a course along which someone or something moves
9.the result of unbalanced(net) forces
11.speed + direction
12.study of what produces and affects motions
15.force that resists sliding motion between surfaces that are touching
17.A measure of the rate at which the velocity of an object changes.
20.Inertia is quantified by______while the object is in motion
21.a lift, push, or pull
22.A force which is always perpendicular to the surface the object is resting
23.It is the size of gravitational force exerted on an object
24.is the study of motion without regard to forces
26.Newton's Law of ___________ states that an object's motion does not change unless a force acts upon it.
27.Country which pres. Obama's father was born
28.Pounds, kilos, and ounces are measurements of what?

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