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Nursing Across the Life Span: Families

Level I

Name:________________________ Date:________________

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1.Exhibit love, laughter, appreciation,commitment, support, learning, communication, cooperation.
4.Includes children that are not biologically related to the parents.
8.Families having the capacity to rebound from adversity have this characteristic.
11.Children living alone with one parent.
12.Responsible for full-time child care for someone else’s child.
13.No children in social unit.
2.Fulfill survial needs of family including shelter, clothing, and food.
3.His and hers: both spouses have children from previous relationships.
5.Consists of relatives such as aunts, uncles grandparents, parents and children.
6.Transmit culture, values, and beliefs to next generation.
7.A social unit consisting of a father, mother, and children.
9.Social unit: Biological construct made up of a group of people who are related by blood.
10.Group of indivduals living together and cooperate as a social unit.

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