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Ch. 11 Legal Research

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2.printed by a commercial publishing company
7.contain only the opinions of an individual state that are also printed in the regional reporter.
10.a private network of computers within a particular company or organization that enable it to share information online, often using features similar to those of the world wide web
12.another name for research papers
13.electronic code of federal regulations
14.a legal treatise designed primarily for the law school student
15.contains definitions of words and phrases used in the law
16.document submitted by a party to an appellate court
17.is a law scholl textbook.
19.a one or two volume collection of the rules of procedure for one or more courts, usually in the same judicial system
20.coumputer assisted legal research
24.any book written by a private individual that provides an overview, summary, or commentary on a legal topic
30.steps a bill goes through before it becomes a statute
32.A public or private library that receives free federal government publications to which it must allow access by the general public without cost.
35.images or photographs that have been reduced in size
36.a regerence to any authority printed on paper or stored in a computer database that will allow you to locate the authority.
37.list pending cases on its calendar
38.is a special interest legal periodical covering practical suggestions and current developments in a particular area of the law
39.is a book, cd rom, or online service that contains list of citations that can help you assess the current validity of an opinion, statute, or other item
41.online citator of lexisnexis that will tell you whether an opinion your are checking is good law
43.is a collection of laws or rules organized by subject matter regardless of when they were enacted.
44.proposed statute
46.there are seven in the system
48.historical notes and summaries of court opiniions
51.regers to two thing, the general topic and teh number of the subtopic
53.continuing legal education texts
54.the process of making statutory law by the legislature.
55.a short paragraph summary of a portion of a court opiniion printed before the opinion begins
56.summary of the important points
57.A worldwide electronic network of networks on which millions of computer users can share information.
58.a newspaper devoted primarily to legal news
1.Connected to another computer or computer network, often through the internet.
3.prints statutes by statutes by subject matter and includes research references
4.collection of sample or model forms
5.an opinion that the court has designated as not for offical publication, meaning gernerally that it should not be cited as authority.
6.a major generalindex to legal periodical literature.
8.another name for legislative service.
9.sets of books that print the full text of opinions plus commentary on them
11.has several meanings
18.collection of regulations of one or more administrative agencies
21.service is a lawbook with a binding and removal of pages for updating
22.additional citation where you can find the same written material in the library or online
23.multtivolume set of books that summarizes every major legal topic
25.pamphlet that comes out prior to a thicker pamphlet or hardcover volume.
26.something means to rearrange it by subject matter
27.Any law that a court could rely on in reaching its decision
28.statutes published in a special pamphlet
29.is a courts written explanation of how it applied the law to the facts before it to resolve a legal dispute.
31.a reporter printed under the authority of the government.
33.friend of the court
34.provides word alternatives for words used in legal writing
39.compact disk read only memory
40.not protected by copyright or patent
42.contains summaries of those court opinions that are printed in full in its corresponding reginal reporter
45.a pamphlet on legal topic that is usually sold by subscription and issued at regular intervals.
47.Amethod of displaying and linking information found in different locations on the same site or on different sites of the world wide web
49.volumes that contain brief summaries of court opinions.
50.which repeats earlier material and consolidates it with new material in one place or unit.
52.a volume of court opinions, also called reports

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