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Eco Foot Vocab #4

Natasha Clemons

Directions: Not all words will be used and no words will be used more than once. If an answers is two words long enter it without any spaces. For example Great Job would be entered as GREATJOB!

Tragedy of the Commons * System * Sustainability * Surface mining * Subsurface mining * Smelting * 1st Law of Thermodynamics * 2nd Law of Thermodynamics * Law of Conservation of Energy * Input * Output * Renewable resource * Non-Renewable Resource * Fossil fuels * Feedback * EPA * Solid waste * Industrial solid waste * MSW * Hazardous waste * Toxic waste * Waste Management * Waste Reduction * Integrated waste management * Environmental justice

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3.In any physical or chemical change, matter is neither created nor destroyed but merely transformed from one form to another.
5.Examples include trees in forest, grasses in grasslands, wild animals, fresh surface water in lakes, and streams, most groundwater, fresh air, and fertile soil.
6.Solid waste produced by mines, factories, refineries, food growers, and business that supply people with goods and services.
7.Government agency responsible for managing federal efforts to control air and water pollution, radiation, and pesticide hazards, environmental research, hazardous waste, and solid waste disposal.
8.In any physical or chemical change, energy can never be created or destroyed, but changed to another form.
11.Fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, or income as it pertains to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.
13.An example would be the depletion of commercially desirable fish species in the open ocean beyond areas controlled by coastal countries.
15.In any conversion of heat energy to useful work, some of the initial energy input will always be degraded to a lower-quality, more dispersed, less useful energy. This will usually be a low-temperature heat that flows into the environment.
17.Examples include area strip mining, contour strip mining, mountaintop removal, and open-pit mining.
19.Any unwanted or discarded material that is not a liquid or a gas.
21.Managing wastes to reduce their environmental harm without seriously trying to reduce the amount of waste produced.
22.Solid materials discarded by homes and businesses in or near urban areas.
23.Process in which a desired metal is separated from the other elements in an ore mineral.
24.The ability of Earth's various systems to survive and adapt to changing environmental conditions indefinitely.
25.From of hazardous waste that causes death or serious injury such as burns, respiratory diseases, cancers, or genetic mutations.
1.Variety of strategies for both waste reduction and waste management designed to deal with the solid wastes we produce.
2.Examples include copper, aluminum, coal, and oil.
4.Any process that increases or decreases a change in a system.
9.Matter, energy, or information entering a system.
10.Any solid, liquid, or containerized gas that can catch fire easily, is corrosive to skin issue or metals, is unstable and can explode or release toxic fumes, or has harmful concentrations of one or more toxic materials than can leach out.
12.The technique used to extra fossil fuels like petroleum, natural gas, and coal.
14.Reducing the amount of waste produced, waste that are produced are viewed as potential resources that can be reused, recycled. or composted.
16.Set of components that function and interact in some regular and theoretically predictable manner.
18.Products of partial or complete decomposition of plants and animals; occurs as crude oil, coal, natural gas, or heavy oils as a result of exposure to heat and pressure in the earth's crust over millions of years.
20.Matter, energy, or information leaving a system.

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