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Chap.14 World History

1 2               3
5 6                        
      9   10  
14 15         16   17
  19                           20  
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2.founder of the dynasty that ruled France from 987-1328
6.a war between England & France waged from 1337 to 1453
8.Duke of Normandy who invaded Engalnd (conqueror)
12.a body of rulings by English judges
13.church court that tried people suspected of having opposing religious beliefs
14.Pope who called for the 1st crusade
19.a council of represenatives that advise the French King
21.english peasant who led the French Army to victory at Orleans
22.a holy war
24.greta charter which guaranteed certain basic political rights
25.Bohemian scholar who taught that the Bible was the final authority for Christian life
26.Muslim leader of the 1100s
1.merchant class person who lived in a town
3.a system where farmland is divided into 3 equal sized fields in which crops were rotated
4.scholar who argued that most basic reliious truths could be proved by reasoning
5.an organization working to get the best prices or working conditions
7.practice of selling postions in the church
9.deadly disease that spread across Asia & Europe in the mid-14th century
10.one of the most powerful Capetian kings (2)
11.English scholar who argued that the bible was the final authority for Christian life
15.English king who fought Saladin in the 3rd crusade
16.division in the church created by haviong popes in both Avignon & Rome
17.everyday language
18.effort by Christian leaders to drive the Muslims out od Spain
20.body of represenatives that makes laws for a nation
23.city in France whe the pope lived temporarily

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