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Catcher in the Rye

Diana contreras

1 2 3
5               6    
9   10         11          
  14     15                 16

5.Holden likes been _____ must of the time.
7.Stadlater is very _______ about himself.
10.Hoden was very _____ about his personal stuff.
12.Holden uses _____suitcase.
14.There was a ______ of students in the Football game.
17.Stadlater uses his _____ voice to talk to girls.
1.Holden thinks Mr. Spencer’s is ______.
2.How Holden let down the ______ team?
3.There was a ______ of students in the Football game.
4.Holden thinks his a ______person because he doesn't like fighting
6.Holden is not _______ about everything around him.
8.Who ______ Holden the whole way back on the train?
9.Holden was in_____ when he heard about Jean Gallegher.
11.Hoden couldn’t ________to pencey’s.
13.Holden’s parents are quiet _______ when you talk about their personal stuff.
15.It’s _____ that he couldn’t take his eyes off.
16.Holden was _____in School.

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