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Catcher in the Rye

Christopher Muzquiz Period 1

1 2
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3.Holden made a rather large _ to the nuns when he made the donation.
5._, also known as sword fighting to some, is a sport in the Olympics.
6.Ms. Lapis has a sense of humor that may include her in acting in a _ manner or a way of being easily upset.
8.Holden thinks everyone is either a pervert or a _.
9.You are a very _, honest young man.
11.In an English class, it is not unusual to be assigned to write a _.
12.If someone is getting yelled at, there is typically _ silence.
13.Smokers are notorious for having _ breath.
16.Phoebe rides the _ at the park at the end of the novel.
18.The climax of a story is the highest point of _.
19._ silver is silver of the highest quality.
1.Murderers are an example of people who are _, or this who are unrestrained by moral or ethical principles.
2.My aunt loves to walk down the _ aisle full of pens, pencils, and art supplies at the superstore.
4.Ackley is known for _ with Holden's personal items in The Catcher in the Rye.
7.It is not uncommon to junk _ items.
10.If a person is considered dangerous, they may be put in _ confinement.
13.Surgeons are required to use much _ when performing operations.
14.Servants of a king are often _ in order to keep his trust.
15.Drinking _ water is never a great idea.
17.An animal that _ very fast in a new environment is likely to survive.

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