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Catcher in the Rye

Brandy Jones Period 1

  2 3
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4.Jane is ____________ and admirable.
6.Stradlater is a __________ kind of person.
9.Holden feels __________ with no importance.
12.14. Holden is very ________ towards Jane Galligular because they were close friends.
13.15. Holden is not the only student at Pency Prep but he feels like he is in __________.
15.Holden’s roommate Stradlater asked him to write a _____________on something descriptive like a room or a house or something.
16.Holden’s teacher, Mr. Spencer is_________ when he finds out that Holden dropped out of Pency Prep.
18.When Holden’s parents find out that he dropped out of school they will be _____________.
19.Holden believes his adulthood is ________.
21.Holden has to empty his ________________ and pack all his clothes and stuff because he got kicked out.
22.Holden’s in a _______ mood when he gets in a fight with Stradlater.
1.Stradlater and Ackley are not so __________ different.
2.Prep is a place where the rich people ________ on horses.
3.Allie is _______ to Holden.
5.Holden isn’t even the _______ about getting kicked out.
7.When Holden goes to Mr. Spencer’s house he was asked by him if he had any _______ about leaving the school.
8.22. When Stradlater went on his date with Jane he didn’t really like her he was just ______with her and it bothers Holden.
10.Holden has to ________ when he leaves Pency for a new place.
11.Another word for countless is_______________.
14.It is very _______ that Holden hates phony people but the goes to a school full of them.
17.34. Something else that could have been used to type a composition on besides a typewriter is a __________.
19.Holden hates how many _________ people there are at Pency prep.
20.In the city there are many ______ __; gangsters.

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