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Catcher in the Rye

Don Greene, Period 1

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  4         5           6
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1.Being _______ means you are being honest.
4.Stradlater asked Holden to write his ___________.
7.Holden ______ to leaving the school.
8.Holden remained ________ on top of the hill.
9.The boys had a _______ match today.
11.Holden is known for being _____.
12.An _____________ is one who seeks attention.
13.The ____ from the shooting was disgusting.
14.Being unrestrained by moral or ethical principles is being ___________.
15.One who is cruel for fun can also be named a ______.
17.A __________ is a chest of drawers.
19.Something that is _____ is not genuine.
22.Being _________ is being excluded from society.
24.The trash can had a ______ smell.
25.Being a ________ is one who believes in peaceful resolutions.
26.Stradlater is known as the _____ one.
2.Something that is diligent can also be called ____________.
3.Holden’s slow response built ________ between himself and Stradlater.
5._____ is complete and utter.
6.The diamond was 24 karat ________ gold.
10.There were ___________ times Stradlater asked Holden to write his composition.
16.Being ______ means you are easily upset.
18.Stradlater is ________ when it comes to his looks.
20.Holden acted like a _______.
21.There wasn’t a ______ in his mind that he likes Jane.
23.He was ______ with his classmates.

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