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Catcher in the Rye

Natalie Gutierrez P.1

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1.A chest of drawers is called a _______________.
5.Holden feels _____________ and unsure.
6.Holden feels very _______________ from the rest of the world.
8.The ______________ was very peaceful in the yoga room.
9.When something is ________________ it is usually out of the ordinary.
11.The _____________ of the movie made people scared.
14.To be unrestrained is called _________________.
17.Being ______________ is a characteristic to have.
18.The ____________ from the wound made someone faint.
2.The little boy was being an _________________ because he wanted to be number one.
3.When someone gets bothered easily, they are ____________.
4.A ______________ is a way of writing something.
7.When someone repeats things ________________ times it gets too repetitive.
10.Holden was on the _________________ team.
12.Holden is a very ____________ type of guy.
13.People get a kick out of being ______________ which isn’t very nice.
15.When someone is acting unrealistically they are being ___________.
16.To be ____________ is to have restrictions and have limits.

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