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Catcher in the Rye

Connor Donham per 1

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1.A chest of drawer is called a _________
4.Holden is very ________
5.The young boy was a ________ and refused to fight anybody
8.Holden is debating on whether or not to write a _________for his friend
12.Roger is not a ________ person
14.The catcher in the rye is an _________book
15.The game was _____humiliation
16.The violent movie had lots of _____
17.The cruel man was a ________
2.The _________ was always wanting attention
3.Holden is _______ form society
6.The amount of people at the football game was _________
7.To doubt is to have ______
9.Holden competed in _________ tournaments
10.The ________ of the movie was frightening
11.Holden had a_______ feeling at Mr. Spencer’s house.
13.Holden thinks many people are ______

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