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Catcher in the Rye

Monique P.1

1 2
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3.After the fight between the two Holden _____ from his nose
4.Humor based on opposites or contradiction.
8.For the fun of it, is cruel and mean.
12.He tries to ____ with the changes.
14.Stradlater kept asking Holden to do the ________ for him.
15.Holden was in a _____ place while writing his story
21.Holden tries to show no ____ into Ackley’s story so he could leave.
22.He becomes _____ upset and calls a cab.
23.Holden believes everyone is a pedophiles or ____.
24.Interest in something; troublemaker.
25.For the fun of it, is cruel and mean.
1.Complete and utter.
2.Young vandal: gangster.
5.At Ernie’s the conversations around him are ____ and phony.
6.Holden is left in ____ when Stradlater leaves for his date with Jane.
7.He is _____ and not ready for that encounter.
9.Holden talked about Jane so ______.
10.Unrestrained by moral or ethical principles.
11.Holden decisions are _____.
13.He describes his sister _____ like Allies.
16.At Pencey Prep they had a _____ team.
17.Going into his old teachers house he begins to feel ______.
18.He’s _____ with leaving pency prep
19.He isn’t very ____ with the lady on the train.
20.Physically or morally disgusting.

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