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Catcher in the Rye.

Anthony Stijepovic Period 1

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3.To adjust to something is to _____.
8.A person with strong interest is _____.
9.It is _________ that Holden is seventeen, six-foot-two with grey hair, but still acts younger sometimes.
10.The fencing team ________ Holden on the bus after he left all of their equipment on the subway.
16.A synonym for countless is _______.
17.Treating something casually is _______.
21.Holden’s parents get _______ when he talks about anything personal about them.
22.Holden says Stradlater is ________.
23.To be honest or unfeigned is _____.
24.Another word for diligent is __________.
1.Holden talks in a very ______ tone with the ladies.
2.When Holden told Mr. Spencer that he had to go collect his equipment from the gym, he was telling a ____ lie.
4._______ means physically or morally disgusting.
5.One who is cruel for fun is a _________.
6.A chest of drawers is a ________.
7.Mr. Spencer asked Holden if he had any _____ about leaving Pencey.
8.Holden was the manager of the schools __________ team
11.An attention seeker can also be called an ________.
12.Stradlater wants Holden to write a _______ for him.
13.Blood from a wound is ________.
14.Holden doesn't win fights and he is not tough because he claims he is a _______.
15.Throughout the whole novel Holden is a _______ person.
18.Enjoyable tension or anxiety is _______.
19.According to Holden, nearly everyone is a ______.
20.Contaminated or spoiled is ______.

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