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catcher in the rye vocab

anthony gaytan p 2

1 2
  3 4          
5             6                  
  8 9    
10                       11 12        
  13                       14
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20     21                         22
  23     24                      
25                     26  

4.____ contaminated, spoiled
5.to ___ means ready to fall.
6._____ capitalist , affluent.
7.Holden wears __ on his feet
10.a ____ is a keyboard instrument.
12._____ is someone with strong interest in something; troublemaker
13.a person part of a ruling class is an__
15._____wonderful , impressive.
17.a ___ is an entrance hall.
21.a ______ is something that is governed by sense of right and wrong.
24._______ something that arises from natural impulse
25.____ of no significance.
27.to have inflammation in the lungs is ____
28.to ____ means to leave from the military
1.____ charming, but often insincere.
2.a ___ is an enjoyable tension
3.to relate to a science is_____
5.A loud noise is a _____.
8.a _______ is a donation of money
9.a ____ is a piece of righting
11.the ___ is an attention seeker.
14.nuns are ___ they refuse to fight.
16.a ____ is unrestrained or ethical principle
18.______ someone who is unclean
19.Stradlater is ___
20.a ____ is mental or physical ability.
22.to have exactness means __
23._____ modest ,respectful
26.Holden and his roommate got in a fight there was a ___ of blood.

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