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28.2 Crossword Puzzle

Nasikarn W. Rosalin H. Napath K.

This crossword puzzle contains vocabulary, people, and events in lesson 28.

1 2 3
  6     7                  
  9           10    

4.was an area in which the foreign nation controlled trade and investment.
7.an open Clash between British and Chinese war in 1839
9.Considers modernization to be necessary Borrows and adapts Western ways,s trengthens its economic and military power, becomes an empire builder
11.brought other country into their control.
12.This proposed that China’s “doors” be open to merchants of all nations. Britain and the other European nations agreed.
13.the rights stated that foreigners were not subject to Chinese law at Guangzhou and four other Chinese ports.
14.Japan's reply to United States in the year 1854.
1."enlightened rule"
2.took four ships into what is now Tokyo Harbor.
3.Hong’s movement, from the Chinese word taiping, meaning “great peace.”
4.Japanese's warrior
5.Japan drove Russian troops out of Korea and captured most of Russia's pacific fleet.
6.Their campaign against the Dowager Empress’s rule and foreigner privilege
8.Japanese society was very tightly ordered.
10.resists outside influence

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