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Catcher in the Rye Vocabulary

Jazzmyn Period:4

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1.To be physically or morally disgusting /rotting with a foul smell is to be _____
4.Honest and unfeigned is________
7.Doubt of feeling of unease is_________
8.To be excluded from society is to be __________.
9.A chest of drawers is a _________
12.One who is cruel for fun is_________
13.An attention seeker is an_________
15.To be contaminated or spoiled is to be _____
16.Blood from a wound is ____
17.To know someone personally or closely is to know them ____
19.To adjust to something or change to meet requirements is to______
20.To be easily upset is to be_______.
22.Treating something casually or without out seriousness is ______ with
24.Enjoyable tension or anxiety is
26.Holden call almost everyone a__________ because he thinks they are fake
2.when you do something so many times you cant even count how many times you have done it, you have done it an _____________ amount of times
3.A piece of writing is also known as __________
5.Governed by sense of right and wrong; diligent is _______
6.To be admirable or of highest quality is to be ______
10.Having no significance or importance is to be _______
11.Unrestrained by moral or ethical principles is________
12.Single or alone is________
14.17. One who believes in peaceful resolution and refuses to take part in war is a_________
18.________ is characterized by humor on opposites or contradiction
21.A person with strong interest in something/ a troublemaker is also known as a ______
23.Holden is the manager of the schools __________ team.
24.Complete and utter is _________
25.To be charming but often insincere is to be ______

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