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Extra Credit

Alexander Salazar

Great way to study for the vocabulary terms in BSC1050!

2 3  

1.a type of dispersal in which individuals leave a population and thus decrease its size
5.the time is takes for a population to double in size, assuming that its current rate of increase doesn't change (2 Words)
8.setting aside undisturbed areas, maintaining them in a pristine state, and protecting them from human activities that might altar the natural state
9.the sensible and careful management of natural resources
1.the amount of land and ocean needed to supply an individual with food, energy, water, housing, transportation, and waste disposal (2 Words)
2.the rate of change of a population's size, expressed in percent per year (2 Words)
3.The process in which people increasingly move from rural areas to densely populated cities
4.a type of dispersal in which individuals center a population and thus increase its size
6.the number of deaths per 1000 people per year (2 Words)
7.a pale blue gas that is both a pollutant in the lower atmosphere and an essential component that screens out UV radiation in the upper atmosphere

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