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medical terminology


Medical terminology for students so they don't get rusty!

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5.Transparent mucous membrane covering the eyeball
8.Shortness of breath
10.Tubes that transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder
11.Cosmetic repair of the breast
12.Seizure disorder
16.Outer most layer of the skin
17.Severe systemic reaction causing serious symptoms very quickly
18.Swelling caused by excess fluids
20.Inflammation of the brain
22.First portion of the small intestine
24.Degenerative disease of the liver
25.Abnormally low body temperature
26.Prolonged abnormal inability to sleep
27.Fingernail or toenail
31.Autoimmune disorder that effects the skin and connective tissues
35.Bleeding from any part of the mouth
39.Coiled tube at the upper part of each testicle
40.Layer located just under the skin
42.Extreme persistant vomiting
44.Enlarged heart
46.Inflammation of an ovary
47.Upper chambers of the heart
48.Inflammation of the cornea
52.Complete removal of female organs
54.The windpipe
55.Swimmers ear
56.Hormone that influences sex related characteristics
58.Rod shaped spore-forming bacteria
59.Hormone that stimulates contactions during pregnancy
1.Presense of blood in the urine
2.White of the eye
4.Below normal oxygen levels in body tissues
9.Any disease of the kidney
13.Endoscopic visualization of the entire upper GI tract
14.Unusual deposits of black pigment any where on the body
15.Fungal infection of the nail
16.Inflammation of the small intestine
19.Abnormal condition of the muscles
28.Excessive thirst
29.Muscle pain
30.Doctor that specializes in the treament of pregnant women
32.Fluid filled sac containing a single ovum
33.Blood poisoning
34.Abnormally rapid deep breathing
36.Painful menstruation
37.Process in whch waste products are filtered from the blood
38.Type of blood cancer that effects the white blood cells
41.Abnormally rapid resting heart rate
43.Male gland
45.Malignant tumor
49.The throat
50.Clotted blood and swelling tapped in the tissues
51.Snail-shaped fluidfilled structure of the inner ear
53.Anticoagulent prevents blood clotting

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