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Catcher in the Rye Vocabulary

Bianca Barajas Period 5

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1.Doubts or feels like unease is an _________.
4.Someone who is charming but often insincere is__________.
5._______ means hiding.
12.A person that is respectful or modest is________.
14.He thinks his parents are _________ as an easily upset.
18.Arrogant is ______.
20.Someone who is an attention seeker is a __________ like a show off.
21.The entrance hall is called ______.
24.Holden is worry that Stradlater might had done something ________ to Jane.
28._________ is something that is mutual or done in return.
30.Holden is _________ because he is single or alone.
32.Someone who is honest and unfeigned is _________.
33.A_________ is when your spoiled; contaminated.
34.________ is the encouraged to act; invigorated
35.someone who is crying loudly is ________,
2.________ means you move unsteadily or nearly fall.
3.Holden is a _________ person that would rather talk things out than to fight.
6.An _______ is a ruling class; belonging to nobility.
7.A person that is a troublemaker and has strong interest in something is a _________.
8.Holden gave a _______ to the nuns for collection.
9.6. His history teacher told him to get his finals test from the _________; drawer.
10.Holden wrote a __________for his roommate Stradlaterabout his brother Allie.
11.Governed by sense of right and wrong;deligentis _________.
13.Native American shoe that is flat leather shoe is called __________.
14.A _________ is when you can treat someone casually or without seriousness.
15._________ is something that relate to the science or profession of teaching.
16.He calls everyone __________ as not genuine.
17._________is a sword fighting.
19.merry-go-round is called __________.
21.The prostitute hang her ________ up because she didn’t wanted it to get wrinkly
22.He was _________ from the others at the football game.
23.Someone that is ______ cruel for fun.
25.Inflammation of the lung is _______.
26.Someone characterized by humor on opposites is an ____________.
27.Admirable ; of highest quality is _________.
29.6. Holden was _________because he’s nose was bleeding and got blood all over his face and pajamas.
31._______ is a contemptible, unethical person.

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