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Catcher In the Rye Crossword

Skyler Hornecker, Period 5

1 2     3               4
5                     6          
7 8      
    11 12                    
13                     14        
  15   16    

2.To be ____________ is to be unrestrained by moral or ethical principles.
5.A _________ is a piece of writing.
6.One who _______ is one who can adjust to something.
9.________ is a type of sword fighting.
12.________ is another word for infinity.
13.________, to be excluded from society.
14.A person with strong interest in something is called a ______.
17.________ is an attention seeker.
18.To be the opposite of what is expected is to be _______.
19.Blood from a wound is also called _______.
20.To doubt or feel unease is to have __________.
21.To be easily upset, _________.
1.To be _______ is to not be genuine.
3.to be governed be sense of right and wrong is ____________.
4.Enjoyable tension is also called ________.
7.A chest of drawers is called a ________.
8.To be ________ is to be honest
10.To be _______ is to be cruel for fun.
11.Someone who believes in peaceful resolutions rather than violence is a ________.
15.To be complete and utter is to be __________.
16.To be alone is to be __________.

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