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Greek Mythology Review

Mrs. Young

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1.The goddess who had the bad luck to be married to Zeus
4.Psyche needed to ask this deity for some of her beauty
7."Light" is often used as a symbol of this
8.He foolishly flew to close to the sun
10.The reason Eros refused to hurt Psyche (3 words)
11.This word means "very old pattern that is repeated throughout literature and human experience""
13.He gives Hades that bad news that Persephone must leave the Underworld
14.The drink of the gods
15.Prometheus' creation
16.He built Pandora at Zeus' request
20.She's goddess of Hearth and Home
21.The gift Prometheus gave man
24.He was the famous builder in Greek mythology
27.Stormy God of the Sea
30.He decides that Peresphone must be returned to her mother
31.We call him Cupid, but it's not exactly that same little cherub who falls in love with Psyche
32.Midas' slave
2.The nymph who stayed by Narissus' side until she faded away
3.Persephone chose to eat these, even though it meant never leaving the Underworld (2 words)
5.His name means "afterthought".
6.This is what got Psyche in trouble with Aphrodite (2 words)
9.Zeus' fatal gift to Pandora
12.Suffered the agony of having his liver torn out day after day because he dared defy Zeus
13.Narissus was in love with this person
14.She dressed Pandora and taught her the household arts
17.She helped Psyche sort seeds (2 words)
18.one of the spites
19.One of the gods Midas ran into
22.Midas' motivation for wanting the "golden touch"
23.Finds true love in "The End of Eternal Spring"
24.another one of the spites
25.The goddess of the Hunt
26.He plays music in the "The Golden Touch"
28.The reason Hades kidnapped Persephone - he wanted ___________
29.Mean and Nasty God of War (What did Aphrodite see in him?)

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