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HRM Review CrossWord

Answers have NO SPACES between words!

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1.Management action taken to encourage compliance with the organization’s standards
4.Employees have the right to _______ dangerous work
5.Spreads the financial risks encountered by employees and their families
9.Systematic procedures to determine the relative worth or value of jobs (2 Words)
10.Who is responsible for proving the existence of just cause?
13.The ultimate disciplinary action
16._____ a type of discipline that takes a problem-solving approach instead of using punishment
17.Preparing employees for future job responsibilities
19.Employees have the right to _______ in correcting hazards in the workplace
20.The _____ effect occurs when ratings are strongly affected by the employee’s most recent actions (either good or bad)
21.______ dismissal occurs when the employer makes major and unilateral changes to an employee's job that results in the employee's resignation
25.The process by which organizations evaluate employee job performance (2 Words)
31.______ performance measures are not verifiable by others and usually are based on the rater’s opinions
32._______ equity involves paying workers fairly relative to market rates
34.Diagnoses present problems and future challenges that can be met through training or development (2 Words)
39.__ the-job-training is received directly on the job and is used primarily to teach workers how to do their present job
40.______ distributions require raters to sort employees into different categories or classifications
41.Training that is concerned with altering thoughts and ideas i.e. knowledge, new processes
42.______ costs of injuries include lost production, recruiting, selecting, training of new employees, damage to facilities and equipment
43.An organization with the legal authority to represent workers, negotiate the terms and conditions of employment with the employer, and administer the collective agreement
44.Employees have the right to _______ about hazards in the workplace
45.Conditions that tend to cause stress
46.____ compensates the worker for each unit of output (i.e. $1 for each widget produced)
47.A complaint by an employee or employer that alleges that some aspect of a collective agreement has been violated
48._______ equity requires that jobs of similar value get similar pay
2.A contract negotiated between the union and employer, outlining terms and conditions of employment (2 Words)
3.An informal communication system that arises spontaneously from the social interaction of people in the organization
6.A government-appointed third party attempts to bring together the parties to reconcile their difference. In most Provinces, this occurs before a strike or lockout.
7.Skills, knowledge, and behaviours that distinguish high performance in a broad role, function, or level of the organization
8.The process of enhancing an employee’s future value to the organization through careful career planning (3 Words)
11.____ pay is a performance-linked approach that involves using of variety of methods (business and special incentives, individual performance incentives, profit-sharing, gainsharing)
12.______ costs of injuries include lost wages, first aid and medical treatment, rehabilitation, disability compensation
15.Familiarizes new employees with their roles, the organization, its policies, and other employees.
18.Acronym for comprehensive company programs that seek to help employees to overcome their personal and work-related problems
22.A planned effort by an organization to make possible the learning of job-related behaviour, i.e., to do their present jobs
23.When just cause for dismissal does not exist, a dismissed employee must be provided with this (or pay-in-lieu of this)
24.Attempts to reduce the subjectivity and biases of subjective performance measures by using descriptions of effective and ineffective performance provided by a variety of sources (acronym)
26.Cash and non-cash rewards employees receive in exchange for their work
27.____ a type of discipline whereby there are stronger penalties for repeated offences including verbal reprimand, written reprimand, suspension, discharge for cause
28.Achievable and realistic targets to which actual outcomes can be compared
29.The _____ effect occurs when a rater’s personal opinion of the employee sways the rater’s measurement of performance
30.Condition of mental, emotional, and sometimes physical exhaustion that results in substantial and prolonged stress
31.The length of the worker’s employment, which may be used for determining order of promotion, layoffs, vacation, etc. in unionized environments
33.______ pay is directly linked to an employee’s performance or productivity
35.Also known as human factors engineering—focuses on the interaction between employees and their working environment
36.Process whereby disputing parties choose voluntarily to reconcile their differences through a third party
37.A harmful physical and emotional response
38._____ compensation consists of benefits and services

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