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6.I want to see if students do better on an exam in cool temperatures, so I lower the AC and give them an exam. Then I calculate their average score. What is an example of?
8.________ is when what seems to have happened actually happened.
14.The study of recorded human communications.
16.The UBC Economics Experiment is an example of an _______ experiment.
17.When what we think happened in an experiment and the conclusions we draw from it accurately reflect what went on in the experiment, that experiment is __________ valid.
1.When you look for _________, you're essentially asking the question, "Is what happened what would happen in the real world?"
2.A variable that has only two attributes.
3.______ questions are survey questions intended only for some respondents, determined by their responses to another question.
4.The number of people participating in a survey divided by the number selected in the sample.
5.The Oregon Medicare Experiment is an example of a _______ experiment.
7.When you survey an entire population (which is usually impossible) and calculate, say, mean income, what is this value called?
9.What are surveys particularly strong on?
10.An extremely tall group of people-- people who are in the top 10th percentile of height-- are likely to have shorter kids. A group of extremely short people is likely to produce children who are taller than their parents. This example illustrates the concept of ______ regression.
11._______ of treatments is a source of internal invalidity that occurs when experimental and control-group subjects can communicate with each other.
12.Surveys are best for developing _______ explanations.
13.I'm trying to create two groups for an experiment. For every 60 year-old female in one group, I put a 60 year-old female in the other. What is this process called?
15.In a ______ experiment, researchers take advantage of an event to test its effect on some variable.

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