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Catcher In the Rye Vocabulary

Caleb Warner Period 1

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4.The trash can is a very un clean and__________place.
6.Beside Holden’s sister, he is very__________or alone.
10.The milk was____________and very spoiled.
11.There are a lot of__________at fairs and theme parks that go around and around.
13.When people leave for the army they___________.
14.Holden was______________during the football game.
17.Ghandi was a___________because he did not believe in war but to make peace
21.The sport_____________is a sport used with a sword to fight with.
24.The president was very__________and modest of winning the election.
25.A_________piano is very wonderful sounding and most impressing piano.
27.A person who is successful and has a good work ethic is usually______________.
28.Holden says in the adult world they are either a________or a pervert.
30.One of the drawers broke off of the_____________.
31.Holden is looked at as___________because he is very charming to girls.
32.Holden is the opposite of an_______________because he isolates himself from people.
33.If something changes in an society the people have to___________or change.
34.___________silver is the highest quality of silver.
35.Holden has______________that he will be successful in life.
1.Holden thinks his school is very__________, from how messed up it is.
2.When a person is_____________they are relaxed or encouraged to act.
3.Office Depot can be called a____________store.
5.Holden can be looked as a______________or a gangster.
7.When a superhero is fighting crime he has to have his___________or his disguise.
8.It is_________that the good guy in a story turns out to be the bad guy.
9.A shoe that is made out of leather and is native born is an____________.
12.Holden is very_________to his sister and cares alot about her.
15.There are_____________amount of times of Holden smoking.
16.A girl was___________after her boyfriend broke up with her for going out for 1 year and a half.
18.Holden has a lot of________________in his life from his brother dyeing.
19.People can get___________on their wedding day.
20.A humble person has______________loyalty.
22.Holden writes this whole book in his____________book.
23.A person who is_________can get far in life from knowing what is right and wrong.
26.There was__________coming out of the soldiers wound.
29.Holden can be a_________alot of the time and be a troublemaker.

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