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Healthy Eating Crossword


1 2
3           4                       5
7       8    
9   10       11          
13                 14    
16 17     18 19                    
  20           21       22  
  25   26      
27 28                
31             32 33      

3.I'm really high in vitamin C
4.Energy is provided through _____________
11.What will not hold water?
12.I look like a small green tree
13.I'm Bob Geldoff's daughter
15.Jolly Green Giant...
16.Popular at Easter
19.A berry in the hay...
20.Im an orange vegetable
21.Tasty when baked or mashed...
24.I am a coward..
25.One a day keeps the doctor away...
28.Daddy with scissors
29.Apples, oranges and bananas are all _____
30.Made by Muller, but better fat free
31.Monkeys like to eat me...
32.Roller or ice _____
34.The face of Halloween
35.Get it from the chinese, Healthier if its boiled
1.Not only for Rabbits
2.We should avoid ________ fats in our diet
4.Looks like white broccoli
5.A seasonal Onion...
6.The vegetable that makes you cry...
7.Popeye loves to eat this...
8.Garden, Processed or Mushy...
9.Not always hot..
10.European headquarters, full of iron...
11.Oranges and ______ said the bells of St Clements
14.A fungus thats healthy to eat...
17.Good for you, bad for a vampire..
18.You might think theres two of me...
19.Packed tight in a tin...
22.Im red and juicy and make a nice soup, what am I?
23.They are healthier to eat, rather than making them into wine...
26.A fruit named after Queen Victoria
27.Scotch call them neeps, and they are nice mashed with carrot
28._______ aids our body's growth and repair.
31.Broad, French and Runner..
33.I'm a Newzealand rugby player.

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