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Justin Roeder

1 2  
3     4 5
6   7              
10     11  

2.this series of chips were used as logic,buffer and BCD
3.consisting of a layer of N-doped semiconductor between two layers of P-doped material.
6.something with a coil
8.This diode was popular for crystal radios
9.you must used a diode because of me, when using a inductive load
10.___ is one of the two types of bipolar transistors, consisting of a layer of P-doped semiconductor (the "base") between two N-doped layers.
12.a component with 2 inductors
13.has 8 transistors and is commonly used for switching relays
1.a component used for regulation
2.Series of positive fixed voltage regulator.
4.a device used to amplify or switch
5.the year the first silicon transistor was produced
7.use 2 transistors to make me
11.use 4 of me in a psu

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