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The Bill of Rights Crossword #1

Mr. Castillo

Do not use spaces. Spell numbers

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4               5
6   7          
8   9            

1.This Am. Gives us the right to bear arms
4.There won't be any double_______
7.If you think you've been unreasonably searched, you'd refer to this Am.
8.The Free______ clause says that the gov;t must let you practice your religion
12.Powers not given to the nat'l government are reserved for the______
2.The ____ clause says that gov't can't establish an official religion
3.___ process are things that are due to you if the gov't is accusing you a of a crime
5.This Am. Contains 5 rights many consider to be the most fundamental
6.To challenge the government, to file a lawsuit
9.This Am. protects us from Cruel and Unusual punishment
10.The 3rd Am=no _____ in homes
11.This Am says that Rights not listed are Retained by the people

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