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Chapter Seven Vocabulary Crossword

Jakob Bullwinkle

1 2
3             4         5  
  13     14                
15               16                      

3.the belief by the people in a given region or area that their ideas and interests are better and more Important than those of another region or area
7.a series of roads, houses, river crossings, and people who helped southern slaves escape to the North or Canada
9.Practice of owning slaves
10.a person hired to manage slaves on a day-to-day basis
12.legislation passed by congress in 1820 by which Maine entered the union as a free state, Missouri entered the Union as a slave state, and slavery was prohibited north of the southern border of Missouri
14.the act of pulling out of the Union
15.legislation passed by congress by which California entered the union as a free state, slave trading was ended in the District of Columbia Texas gave up its claims to New Mexico in exchange for money, residents of the territories of New Mexico and Utah would be able to determine whether they wanted slavery, and a stronger Fugitive Slave Act was enacted
17.a tax on imported goods
18.Election where Abraham Lincoln won without any votes from the southern states
19.a political party formed in 1854 to oppose slavery
20.Dred Scott filed a lawsuit claiming he was free since he had lived in a free state
1.the belief that it was the will of God that the United States expand its borders to the Pacific Coast
2.the name given to the government formed by the southern states that seceded from the Union in the early 1860’s
4.to add on such as adding terriotory to an existing town, city, or state
5.legislation that created the territories of Kansa and Nebraska and that contained a clause on popular sovereignty that negated the compromise of 1850
6.the ability of the residents of an area to decide upon an issue, such as whether they would allow slavery
8.to declare invalid
11.Cobb and Whigs Stephens and Toombs asked citizens of Georgia to deal with the Compromise of 1850
13.state that does not allow slavery
16.state that allows slavery

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