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The Bill of Rights Crossword #3

Mr. Castillo

Do not use spaces. Spell numbers.

2 3   4 5 6
9       10            

7.Am #-protects from unreasonable search and seizure
8.Constitutional word for unbiased jury
9.this can't be cruel or unusual
11.to talk freely-freedom of
12.Am #-No Quartering of Troops
1.that which is due to you
2.to petition is to ____ the gov't actions
3.just because rights are not in Constitution doesn't mean they don't ___
4.police need this from a judge to search your home
5.the act of forcibly taking control of someone or something
6.5th am. says you have the right to remain
7.The Am. that has the five most fundamental rights
10.Am #-Bear arms

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