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Nursing 116-Week 11

Kristina Parshikova

Anderson ch.17-20

1 2 3
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4.Empowerment ladder begins with _____.
8.The second characteristic of team is having result-driven ______.
10.Strongest power base for nursing. (2 words)
11.These factors bring out the best in people and give them professional autonomy.
12.Second stage of team development.
14.The focus of this power is to assist others to hurt and punish other people. (2 words)
15.Caring type of power that may people use but do not recognize as a formal power base. (2 words)
17.The first characteristic of a team is a clear and __________ ____. (2 words)
18.Last stage of team development.
1.This occurs when nurses do not support each other on issues, talk about each other in passive-aggressive ways, and refuse to join their professional organization. (2 words)
2.Power that accompanies the three-line nametag. (2 words)
3.What factors seem to be the hardest for a novice manager to understand, so it is a good place to start?
5.The skill of letting go of some of your responsibilities to others.
6.Managers who belives that people like to work and can be self-disciplined for objectives use this theory.
7.Managers, who believes that people dislike work and need control and force to make them work, use that kind of theory.
9.Third stage of deam development.
13.Person with this type of power has the ability to give rewards to others. (2 words)
16.The first stage of team developing.

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