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Confirmation Task #1

Julia Czlapinski

As your Official Religious Guide I have taken it upon myself to prepare some special assignments for you. This is the first in a series of tasks that I will send your way in order to better prepare you for your Confirmation. Please complete and return to be marked and then receive your next task. Love you! xoxo

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20 21             22   23
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3.Temporary condition for the purification of souls who are not free enough from sin to enter directly into heaven
5.One of the Sacred Sacraments.
10.The visit of the angel Gabriel to the virgin Mary to inform her that she was to be the mother of the Savior.
11.The suffering and death of Jesus.
13.The Profession of....
14.Any part of the physcial remains of a saint or items that have touched the body of a saint.
15.Speech, thought, or action involving contempt for God or the Church.
17.A journey to a holy place.
18.The "holy one" who leads a life in union with God through the grace of Christ and receives the reward of eternal life.
21.Holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus.
24.Creator of Heaven and Earth.
25.Mother of God.
26.Head of the Church.
27.Son of God.
28.The official residence of the Pope in Rome. It also refers to the central government of the Church.
29.The first book of Bible.
1.Latin for Humility.
2.The evening prayer of the Divine Office.
4.The Ten... that Moses got from God.
6.One of the Seven Virtues. Opposite of Greed.
7.The seventh day, when God rested.
8.Everyone has a Guardian...
9.Father, Son, and...
12.Latin for Wrath.
16.There are seven of them and they are deadly.
19.Sacred Scripture
20.Parted the waters.
21.Way of the...
22.There were twelve of them following Jesus.
23.A fallen angel or the devil; the Evil One.

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