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Catcher in the rye

J.D. Salinger

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2.______ is something you use to write on.
6.When you some cigarettes yo can become ____ but Holden did not .
7.American has ____________ citizens.
13.D.B. , Holden's brother became very _____ as he began to write screenplays
15.A teacher of Holden's had ________ and he felt "sorry for the guy" as Holden would say
16.Holden often made ________ during conversations with others.
18.Stradlater was also an _____ kind of guy , to Holden.
19.Holden was never really ______ he was always out in the open.
21.Holden wish he had made more of an _________ in Allie's life.
23.D.B. was a ______ , then he began screenplays.
25.When it came to talking about Allie to Holden , that was a _____ subject.
26.Some kids ______ the fights at lunch.
29.Some of the rooms Holden has been in had a _____ smell.
31.Some models are very _____ looking.
32.Everybody was a _____ in Holden's eyes.
33.Holden's family didn't have ______ dinners.
34.Holden was kind of a lonely ______ young man.
35.A ____ of a high school is always crowded during passing periods.
1.Holden kind of felt _______ from society at times.
3.________ were the kind of people Holden didn't like.
4.Holden took Pheobe to the _____ to ride.
5.Not everybody's apologies are ______.
8.Some people are _____ from the FBI.
9.The _______ of a movie is most likely to be towards the end.
10.Criminals are _______ laws on a daily bases.
11.Stradlater was a "______ bastard" , Holden thought.
12.To be a great person you have to be ______
14.Allie always wrote in a ________
17.Holden asked Stradlater to ask Jane while on there date, if she remembered _______
20.College parties reach full ______ by 10:30 p.m.
22.Holden acted as if he was at his _______ ages half of his life.
24.Holden believed digging in your nails was _______ .
27.Holden was _____ toying around with Stradlater before they began to fight.
28.D.B. never ____ to being in the army , it actually makes him traumatized.
30.Kids who went to Pencey where near being ______.
31.When your intoxicated with alcohol you move as a _____ sometimes.

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