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4.Twain compares the two relationships to highlight the s__-s___ qualities of the Duke and King relationship
6.Huck finds himself in a moral _____ about whether or not to find and free Jim
7.As opposed to the Duke and King relationship, the Huck and Jim relationship is heavily based on the foundation of ____
9.Twain compares the two relationships to highlight the s____ aspects of Huck and Jim's relationship
11.Twain ____ the relationship between Huck and Jim and Duke and King
12.Jim could be seen as the most fatherly figure Huck has, making the relationship ____
13.Unlike Huck and Finn, the Duke and the King use v____ to communicate
1.Huck discovers the farm owned by Silas ____ is the place where Jim is taken
2.Twain uses religion to m___ Huck's heroism when he decides to find Jim
3.Huck, though a decietful trickster, is not seen on the same level as the Duke and King because he knows the ____ of his actions
5.Huck's decision is subject to ____; while some may see it against slavery, Huck is simply just pro-Jim
8.Huck consistently ___ in order to protect him and Jim.
10.It could be said that the relationship between Huck and Jim is more brotherly, therefore ____

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