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Te Long "I" Sound /Ī/

Sean Forbes

1 2 3   4  
  6               7
12           13            
14           15  
16         17        

2.Who pilots the plane.
6.A explosive usually represented in a red stick and called TNT
8.A word for strength or superior power.
9.When you make a decision.
10.A hole in yur roof with a window allowing you to look to the sky
12.To fly you have the ability of ___________ (Sounds like might)
13.To make tighter
14.Armored noble warrior of England who fought for valor
16.Another word for anger toward someone. (Ryhmes with might)
17.When words have the same ending sound
18.What you do with a typewriter or what you call a font
1.12 am is called this. (Not midday)
3.Ice hanging on trees or houses with a sharp point.
4.Not undernight. To spend time at a friend's through the night.
5.______ & demand. A word describing things you need
7.1.6 kilometers equals 1 ________. _____'s of Smiles
10.Biology, physiology, astronomy, are all this type of class
11._________'s of the Carribean. An thief that attacks ocean ships
15.Something that has wires is said to be _______
16.Gangnam _______. Fashion sense word

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