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Unit 2:Be Alive

Marc Cappuccitti

This crossword puzzle will include the key terms that are from Unit 2

1             2 3
  4     5
8         9        
12         13

1.Emotions are often called ___________ in Christian writings.
6.The son of God coming in the flesh.
8.People that are ________ smart like to spend their time alone.
9.A negative habit that can ruin your relationship with God and others.
11.Our bodies can be known as temples of the ______ _______.
12."You shall not kill" is the ________ commandment.
14.People that enjoy math and sciences are _________ smart.
1.Have a well developed intelligence of relationships.
2.These people tend to be good at hearing and interpreting sounds.
3.This is the smart of creating pictures,images, and symbols.
4.Respect for and appreciation of life.
5.The act of welcoming everyone to a group is being __________.
7.A sacred song or hymn. Many can be found in the Bible.
10.People that are usually active are _______ smart.
13.Being able to use the power of words and speech to persuade others to do things that they would not normally do is ______ smart.

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