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Sound of Music

Broadway Music

Study of Broadway Musicals

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4.One of the three nuns that hid the family in the abbey while the Nazis were chasing them down
5.He was the composer of some of America’s finest musicals. At the age of six, he could play the piano by ear and improvise
9.He was responsible for writing the lyrics while Rogers composed the music
10.He acted on Hitler's behalf by pressuring Captain von Trapp to report at Nazi headquarters
11.The ruling party of Germany during WW II
12.The main nun at Maria's abbey
1.a dramatic stage form that combines the art of acting and singing
2.A good friend to the von Trapp family. He was always pushing Captain von Trapp to let his children sing in the Salzburg Music Festival
3.The leader of the von Trapp family
6.Initially engaged to Georg von Trapp
7.He was in love with Liesl von Trapp, but chose the Nazis and warned her father the consequences the whole family would face if he defied the Third Reich
8.Began work as the governess of the von Trapp family children

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