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First Aid Crossword

1 2 3
  6     7  
    12       13 14        
15   16                    

5.A condition in which the liagments that hold the joints in position are stretches or torn.
9.Injuries resulting from an accident.
11.A condition characterized by faintness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, & hot, red, dry or sweaty skin.
12.A first aid procedure that combines rescue breathing with chest compressions to restore breathing& cirrculation.
14.A life threatning condition in which the circulatory system fails to deliver enough blood to vital tissues & organs.
15.A break in a bone.
17.A strong windstorm with driving rain that orginates at a sea.
18.A whirling, funnel shaped wind storm that may drop from the sky to the ground.
1.The immediate temperorary care given to an injured or ill person until professional help is available.
2.A violent, shaking movement or the earths surface.
3.Actions taken to preven the spread of disease by treating all blood as if it aere contained.
4.Quick,upward pulls into the diaphragm to force out an obstruction blocking the airway.
6.Watching out fro other people on the road and anticipating unsafe acts.
7.A series of events that include a situation, an unsafe habit, and an unsafe action.
8.Painful, n\involuntary muscle spasms that may occur during heavy exericse in hot weather.
10.A serious form of heat illness in which the bodys normal procceses for dealing with heat close down.
13.A very heavy snowstorm with winds up to 45 mph.
16.Any event that was not intended to happen.

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