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Chapter 4

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1.Applies to cases where friction is sufficient to prevent relative motion between the surfaces (2 Words)
3.the third law of Newton's Law of Motion (3 Words)
7.is the force with which the body is attracted toward the center of Earth
9.the second law of Newton's Law of Motion (3 Words)
10.refers to resistance to motion whenever two materials or media in contact tend to move
11.is the products of the force and time during which it acts.
12.is the measure of the inertia of the body
13.is a vector quantity having the same direction as velocity.
2.The ratio of the force that maintains contact between an object and a surface and the frictional force that resists the motion of the object. (3 Words)
4.one of the general types of forces
5.another type of the general forces
6.is present when there is relative motion between the surfaces in contact. (2 Words)
8.the first law of Newton's Law of Motion (3 Words)

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