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Estuary Health Check


School Journal, Part 4, Number 3, 2008

1 2         3
  7             8        
  13                 14        
  15 16                
  18   19  
20         21                

1.How many samples each group need to take
4.What happens to the water if there are less cockles in the inlet
5.They make up 80 percent of all living things in the Pauatahanui inlet
6.The colour of the stick put in the sand to mark the spot
7.The word meaning how to do something
10.Someone who offers their help for free
11.Cockles use these to filter out food and oxygen
13.Where the first three samples are taken
14.Used to wash away the sand from the shells
15.How many stations there are around the inlet
20.Used to measure the cockles
21.Name of a shore bird (2 Words)
22.The name of the girls team leader
2.The last subheading used in this article (2 Words)
3.Used to mark in the sand where you need to dig (2 Words)
5.People who move large amounts of soil
8.Used to record results (2 Words)
9.When these increased so did the pollution
12.Every how many years are the cockles counted
16.The name of the girl that records the findings
17.The name of an enclosed or semi enclosed body of water
18.The first name of the person who wrote the article and took the photos
19.What is the name of one other shell fish they may find

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