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Oil Field & Hunting

Annalise Cogan

General Knowledge, with a smattering of oil field jargon.

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3.A device with the purpose of indicating direction.
7.The most popular type of goose call
9.A sound made by a deer that has been injured or scared
14.The notch in the end of an arrow that fits onto a bowstring
16.A hinged mechanism that is closed around the drill pipe or other drill string components to facilitate lowering them into or lifting them out of the wellbore
18.An intrusion of pressurized gas into the wellbore that causes drilling fluid to be displaced
20.A person who kills game out of season or shoots more than the legal limit of game
21.A newborn or baby deer.
23.Technique using the natural prey of other species
25.A device inserted into a pipeline for cleaning purposes
27.The fragile soil found in high-alpine terrain and in far northern latitudes.
29.A type of very heavy round weight used in deep-water fishing with downriggers
31.A leisurely walk lasting one day or less.
32.The basic call of the wild turkey.
33.Marks left by turkeys' feet as they scratch leaves in search of food.
36.Any object that has been unintentionally dropped and lost down the wellbore.
38.An area of soft, wet or periodically inundated land, generally treeless and usually characterized by grasses and other low growth.
40.Deer eat by quickly moving through the woods and chewing plants just enough to swallow them
43.The act of fishing with hook and line.
44.Deep, narrow gouge in the earth's surface, usually eroded by the flow of water.
45.The direction of travel from your current position to a landmark or destination expressed in degrees from 1 to 360. Also called an Azimuth
46.The organic material that is transported and deposited by wind and water.
48.an inexperienced oilfield worker that is not yet a "hand".
50.An area of strong scent left where a bird was sitting.
51.A crack or surface of breakage within rock
54.A small, boneless, eel-like jawless fish, found in clear, fast streams.
55.A small stream or brook.
57.The periodic rising and falling of the water that results from gravitational attraction of the moon
1.rod used to push a bullet down the bore of a muzzleloading rifle until it is seated.
2.To make one's way through bushes or undergrowth without the aid of a formal trail.
4.Toward the stern of a vessel, or behind the boat.
5.Device for holding arrows.
6.A reservoir or portion of a reservoir containing hydrocarbons that can be economically produced
8.A sudden, uncontrolled release of underground pressure from the well.
10.Term used for an aquatic worm which is a common food for trout and other fish.
11.An animal that is in its second year of life.
12.line added to the back of the line, so when spooled it fills the reel
13.A arrowhead with triangular shaped cutting blades used for hunting animals.
15.The main branch of a antler from which tines grown on a white tail deer.
17.group of decoys used to attract ducks
19.The act of stopping a well from flowing.
22.An experienced laborer capable of maintaining most parts of the rig.
23.is used to describe a type of camping by an RVer.
24.A male elk, moose, or caribou of breeding age.
26.A "bad" form habit developed from anticipating the release of the arrow
28.The eggs of fishes.
30.A portable, battery-operated air-pump for oxygenating the water in a livebait bucket.
34.Oilfield slang term for rope not made of steel, such as nylon, cotton, or especially standard manila hemp rope.
35.A depression in the crust of the Earth, caused by plate tectonic activity and subsidence, in which sediments accumulate.
37.Draw weight of a bow.
39.Canada goose, or geese
40.The first fork of the antler on a deer.
41.Soft, green, fine-stranded weed found growing on rocks and weir sills in running water
42.An area that supports a plant or animal population because it supplies that organism's basic requirements of food, water, shelter, living space, and security.
44.The antlers attached to the skull of a cervid.
47.A mountainous region.
49.The two teeth on the lower jaw of an elk
52.any paddle-propelled craft with two pointed ends
53.The area of the paddle that the canoeist holds.
56.Total Depth of the well.

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