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China, Russia, Japan


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1.Japanese warlord
3.Russian Tsar often noted for his paranoia and cruelty, greatly expanded Russia's border (2 Words)
7.Area of tremendous untapped natural resources, beginning with furs. First explored by Strogonov family
8.Japanese equivalent of chivalry
10.Main reason both of Kublai Khan's attempts to conquer Japan failed
13.Christian group that was willing to combine traditional Chinese practices with Christian principles; mainly attempted to convert the upper classes
15.Treaty of Nerchinsk established this as the northern border of China (2 Words)
16.Only port China permitted Europeans to trade at
19.After 1649, the status of all Russian peasants had been permanently changed as they had become
20.Drug imported to China by British, eventually led to war
21.Peter the Great's answer to Louis' Versailles (an entire city) (2 Words)
22.Japanese expected Europeans to do this in the presence of the Emperor, most refused to - instead going to one knee or bowing deeply
23.Emerged from Japanese Civil War, ruled Japan for over 200 years (2 Words)
2.Threw off Mongol Yoke (2 Words)
4.By mid-1600s this was the only place Japan allowed a small degree of trade with Netherlands (also of WWII fame)
5.Masterless Samurai; actions and subsquent trial (47) showed challenge of melding tradition and secular law
6.Fine decorated ceramic ware from China (still called "fine China" today)
9.Attempt by by Britain to revise trade with China (2 Words)
11.Dressed in various disguises to learn different trades hands on (3 Words)
12.Europeans who replaced Portuguese as the major trader in the Indian Ocean (VOC)
14.Attempted to modernize/westernize Russia, made nobles shave off beards (3 Words)
17.Became main Russian city under Mongols, later capitol of Tsars
18.Access to this sea gave Russia access to year-round sea trade (2 Words)

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