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by Mr Kingston

2 3 4      
5             6     7  
      8     9  
  12   13      
15                     16    
17       18
19       20        

4...name of the man responsible for the mass production of cars
5...the name of the new music was used to describe the era
8...abbreviation for the Returned Services League
11...a type of credit whereby a product is hired on a monthly basis until it is eventually payed for.
13...new household appliances were expected to save _____
14...returning soldiers were given preferential treatment in applying for these
15...a new form of entertainment that came from the USA
17...this nation began to have a big influence on Australia after WW1
19...a new electrical appliance which was found in well off homes
20...new appliances were aimed at assisting this group of people in society
1...phrase which describes the excitement of the new era
2...name of a famous film actor
3...describes the way farming in Australia was now being carried out by machines
6...became a more common sight in Sydney's streets in the 1920s
7...became more available to Australians during the inter war period
9...a word that describes land which is difficult to grow food on
10...new ideas about how government and people should share wealth
12...our former ruler whose influence began to diminish after WW1
16...this technological advance enabled greater access to music and news
18...this was given to returning soldiers to help them settle back into society

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