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Classic Sesame Street

Frederic Fontus

Since November 10, 1969, Sesame Street has been educating children, preparing them for school, and everyday life. In this crossword puzzle you will be identifying several of the human grown-ups, and many of the Muppet characters that appeared on Sesame Street during its classic era.

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4.a 4 year old furry blue monster who describes himself as a "cute lovable furry adorable little monster", has had many jobs over the years, loves to help everyone (especially with lectures), often rushes into everything, and has a fumbling but determined super hero alter ego
6.a 1,832,652 year old vampire with a passion for counting, lives in a castle with his pet bats and cats, drives a car known as the "Countmobile", produces thunder and lightning after he's done counting, laughs almost villainously, has a girlfriend known as The Countess, plays the pipe organ, has certain vampire powers, and speaks in a Transylvanian accent ("That's 10! 10 vonderful facts! AH! AH! AH! AH!" *thunder and lightning*)
9.has been around since the first episode, was born in Indiana, is always ready to sing (especially "The People in Your Neighborhood" song), tell stories, give music lessons, explain things to his peers, cares for people, and is a friend to all
10.________ the Frog came a long way before Sesame Street as one of Jim Henson's first creations. During his time on the show he was the reporter for Sesame Street News, gave lectures (usually "accompanied" by other monsters), sang the hit song "Bein' Green", and later went to star with "The Muppet Show" and other related productions
11.one of the original human cast members, owned the neighborhood candy store known as "Hooper's Store", was a grandfather figure to the viewers and other people of the street (and was always there for them), developed a close friendship with (and made birdseed milkshakes for) Big Bird who kept referring to him as Mr. "Looper" or something else that rhymed, and died in 1982 (with his death being explained a year later)
17.a 7 year old little girl who is very mature, level-headed, flustered, plays the piano, directs/produces/writes pageants featuring her friends (mainly Ernie, Bert, Herry, Grover, and Cookie Monster), works hard, is very smart, dedicated, and a great role model for girls
18.loves taking baths with his Rubber Ducky, is very mischievous and loves playing jokes on his old buddy/roomate Bert (as well as keeping him awake at night), wishes he could visit the moon, loves to play the drums, loves to stick a banana in his ear, and enjoys having fun
20.a little girl that's played minor roles on Sesame Street , gets along with most of her peers, and has a passion for collecting dolls
21.joined during Season 8, was Gordon's sister, left in 1988, worked as a photographer, and helped Gordon show the viewers how siblings can interact as adults
22.The Amazing __________ a magician whose magic tricks often go wrong, his voice is based on famous comedian W.C. Fields, often puts up with Grover as an assitant, and his primary magic words are "A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!" usually followed by a poof of smoke
24.a species of colorful insects who live in Ernie's window box, often find themselves facing difficult challenges about to give up, but manage to brainstorm and figure out a solution
26.joined during Season 3 but became a full cast member in Season 8, left in 2003, is deaf, taught sign language, adressed issues faced by deaf people, was the street's librarian, and the original owner of Barkley the Dog
27.has been around since the first episode, was born in Michigan, is Gordon's wife, a mother figure to the viewers and other people on the street, cares for people, makes sure that Big Bird is doing fine, and is a nurse
30.Grover's usual customer at Charlie's Restaurant or wherever else he may be working, is often referred to as "Fat Blue", often gets cranky when getting poor service from Grover, and often comes around as a background character
31._______ Soundman has the ability to mimic any sound he hears, often drops pre-recorded sound effects into conversation and uses them to represent common words (Example: "One day, I was taking a walk with my *RUFF RUFF!* who spotted a *MEOW!*")
34.(short for Mr. Snuffleupagus) a 4 year old brown furry elephant type creature, who is Big Bird's best friend, used to be considered "imaginary" by the major human grown-ups for 14 years, lives in a cave with his family, his real name is "Aloysius", and his favorite foods are cabbage and spaghetti
1.a furry blue monster who loves "COOKIES!", will eat (literally) anything even if it's not food, has googly eyes, considers the letter C as his favorite letter, and also has a soft side for those in need
2.Little _______________ and the Monotones: a rock group that includes 4 members that are named after the people who served as their original (and primary) voices, and sang the following songs: "A Body Full of Rhythm", "Danger", "Four", "Mad", "Mountain of Love", "Proud", "Rock 'N Roll Star", "Sad", "Surprise", "Telephone Rock", "When You Move the Mouse", and "With Every Beat of My Heart"
3.has a big collection of bottlecaps and paperclips, loves to spend time sitting in his armchair reading a book, wears argyle socks and saddle shoes on his feet most of the time, has several pet pigeons (one of them is named Bernice), enjoys peace and quiet, loves oatmeal (it's his favorite food), loves Figgy Fizz (it's his favorite drink), loves marching band music, and is very serious
5.________ Franklin a cool kid who was named after president Franklin D. Roosevelt, had his own elementary school and stadium, loved to scat, rhyme and sing the blues, and had a family consisting of a mother (who was proud of him) a sister and a brother
7.a 6 year old furry blue monster who doesn't know his own strength, and is often pretty gruff but enthusiastic and mellow at the same tume
8.jellyfish-like aliens with with squid-like tentacles, large eyes, and antennae, presumably from Mars who often come to Sesame Street, explore everyday items, are frightened by the objects they find (examples include clocks, telephones, and radios), consult a book to figure out what the object is, rarely come face to face with other characters, and interact by saying "Yip-yip-yip-yip... Uh-huh. Uh-huh," done in monotone voices (often slipping in their opinion on what's going on)
12.__________ Hemlock a detective spoof of Sherlock Holmes, considers himself as the "World's Greatest Detective", shouts "Egad!" when he finds a clue, tries to solve mysteries like a professional detective, and often takes most of the credit
13.an agonized composer, played the piano, tried to write new songs, would often get frustrated while writing a song, and would always complain "I'll Never get it right! Never! NEVER!" and bang his head on the piano keys (often followed by help from Kermit)
14.an 8 foot 2 inch 6 year old (the tallest one you'll ever meet) bird, has over 4000 yellow feathers, loves to ice skate and roller skate, loves to dance, loves to sing, loves to write poetry, loves to draw, loves to ride his unicycle, is prone to frequent misunderstandings, lives in a large nest, makes friends easily, and has a teddy bear named Radar
15.a salesman, speaks in a whispery voice, often tries to sell Ernie multiple esoteric items (and usually shushes him if he talks too loud), usually sells them for a nickel, and often follows plans from his boss
16.by his own account America's Favorite Game Show Host (games include "Beat the Time", "Here is Your Life", "Name that Sound", and many more), approaches every hosting gig with a near-frantic level of excitement and enthusiasm, and talks very loud and fast
19.a small bird often used as a foil to Big Bird (due to their sizes), was popular amongst viewers, is very smart, usually appeared as a background character, and was originally known as the "Kenner Gooney Bird" for Easy Bake Oven commercials before Sesame Street began
20.a construction worker who speaks with a gruff New York accent, often has trouble figuring out how to perform various tasks that usually get finished once he figures it out
22.has been around since Season 3, was born in New Mexico, joined Luis at the Fix-It Shop a decade later as well as becoming his wife 7 years later, and often has a certain "friendship" with Oscar
23.joined at the beginning of Season 3, left in 1989, worked part-time at Hooper's Store and eventually became the owner 12 years later (for 6 years), was originally studying to become a lawyer, had a huge hat collection, had a romantic relationship with Maria for several years, and always gave good advice
25.has been around since Season 3, was born in New Mexico, owns the street's Fix-It Shop, and was the first human addition to the original cast
27.a robot whose name is short for Super Automated Machine, thinks he's perfect, messes up his attempts despite being ready to assist his friends, and claims that he can be any kind of machine
28.Little ________________ and the Alphabeats: a band consisting of 3 members that performed different genres of music, and sang the following songs: "Cluck Around the Clock", "Count it Higher", "Exit", "Gonna Rock You to Sleep", "I Go to School", "Startin' Kindergarten", "Rock 'N Roll Readers", and "You're Alive"
29.has been around since the first episode, is a strong male role model, gives good advice, cares for people, offers firm admonishment when the situation requires, is a father figure to the viewers and other people on the street, is a school teacher, and is a fun all around guy
32._______ the Grouch lives in a trash can, tries to be as grouchy and miserable as possible (which makes him happy), greets people with a snarl, has many pets, loves rainy weather, loves trash, eats foods that no one else would want to eat, has a girlfriend named Grundgetta, drives a vehicle known as the "Sloppy Jaloppy", and loves to have a rotten time in the process passing the feeling to other people
33.a silent construction worker (although it is suggested that he is indeed capable of speech), a friend and colleague to Biff (who often interrupts Sully when asked for an opinion), often finishes a task while Biff is trying to figure out how to do it, and is very smart and prepared,
35._____ the Wonder Horse (Marshal) Grover's companion who was much wiser than him, and often resolved each other's problems easily

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