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Chapter 13: Congress Vocabulary

Victoria Friedli

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2.Committees on which both senators and representatives serve. (2 Words)
4.change or rewrite.
5.Meetings of party members to select delegates backing one or another primary candidate.
8.An expression of opinion either in the House or Senate to settle procedural matters in either body. (2 Words)
10.An expression of opinion without the force of law that requires the approval of both the House and the Senate, but not the president. (2 Words)
11.Members stand to be counted. (2 Words)
12.A legislature supports a proposal favored by another in return for support of his or hers.
13.amendments relevant to the topic of the bill. (2 Words)
15.the official chair, who takes over when the President of the Senate isn’t there. (3 Words)
18.when a person who is the current president is running for a second term and wins.
22.A rule used by the Senate to end or limit debate.
26.Limiting the president to one term. (2 Words)
31.determines the Senate’s agenda, and is the most influential person in the Senate. (5 Words)
34.People answer “yea” or “nay” to their names. (3 Words)
35.when a bill is forgotten for weeks or forever, and never makes it out of committee.
36.the member with the longest continuous service on the committee is placed automatically in the chairmanship. (2 Words)
37.responsible for scheduling bills and for rounding up votes for bills to the party favors. (5 Words)
38.Most important leadership position in the House. (4 Words)
39.the go-betweens for the members and the leadership. (2 Words)
40.must originate in the House of Representatives. (2 Words)
41.A joint committee appointed to resolve differences in the Senate and House versions of the same bill. (2 Words)
1.Congress is made up by two parts (the House and the Senate).
3.Congressional committees appointed for a limited time and purpose. (2 Words)
4.Drawing the boundaries of legislative districts so that they are unequal in population.
5.An order from the House Rules Committee that sets a time limit on debate; forbids a bill from being amended on the floor. (2 Words)
6.Permits each members to insert a plastic card in a slot to record his or her vote, and is the most common today. (2 Words)
7.A formal expression of congressional opinion that must be approved by both houses of Congress and by the president; constitutional amendments need not to be signed by the president. (2 Words)
9.rearranging districts to allow a minority representative to be elected. (2 Words)
13.Drawing the boundaries of legislative districts in bizarre or unusual shapes to favor one party.
14.Permanently established legislative committees that consider and are responsible for legislation within a certain subject area. (2 Words)
16.Legislation that gives tangible benefits to constituents in several districts or states in the hope of winning their votes in return. (3 Words)
17.A bill with many riders that happens usually because individual senators are trying to attach their favorite ideas or benefits to their states. (2 Words)
19.the Court ruled that race may be a factor in redistricting, but not the “dominant and controlling” one. Resulted in an increase in the number of blacks and Latino representatives in the House. (3 Words)
20.A legislative grant of money to finance a government program or agency.
21.whoever happens to be on the floor at the time. (4 Words)
23.Congress reviews and redistricts the annual budget prepared by the executive branch.
24.only has as much say as the majority leader is willing to give. (5 Words)
25.the spokesperson for the minority party, and steps into the position of Speaker if that party gains control of the House. (5 Words)
27.Bill that states the maximum amount of money available.
28.Members simply shout “yea” or “nay”. (2 Words)
29.gives Congress the authority to pass laws it deemed “necessary and proper” to carry out its enumerated functions. (2 Words)
30.An order from the House Rules Committee that permits a bill to be amended on the floor. (2 Words)
32.Members file past the clerk, first the “yeas” and then the “nays”. (2 Words)
33.An attempt to defeat a bill in the Senate by talking indefinitely, thus preventing the Senate from taking action on the bill.

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