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hcd 382

Esther Quijano

words to find in a English vocabulary dictionary

3     4    
    5 6    
11               12 13
14                 15       16
17           18          

3.you put this on your wrist.
5.this is what you put on your head.
8.you can put this on your hair
10.this is what you write with.
11.this is where your letter goes.
14.something your carry on your back.
15.this is what yout put on your finger .
17.you put this on your lap.
18.you put your feet in
19.it is what you put on your ears
1.this is what you live in .
2.you turn on the light with this.
4.it is what you drive on the road.
6.this is a fruit.
7.you need thsi for your eyes to read
8.it is what you have at home.
9.to keep your documents organized.
12.you put your legs in these.
13.you carry this around with you.
16.you put your stuff on top of this

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