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Science, Chapter 8: Electricity

Ms. Obligar

Vocabulary: battery, conductor, electric charges, electric circuit, electric current, insulator, parallel circuit, resistance, series circuit, static electricity, watt

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2.The ability of a material to slow down or stop the flow of electric current.
7.A unit of measure for electrical power.
9.Tiny particles that carry units of electricity (2 Words)
10.A material that electric charges does not flow through easily.
1.The pathway that electric current follows. (2 Words)
3.The buildup of electric charges. (2 Words)
4.A material through which electrical current flows easily through.
5.A circuit in which the electric current has more than one path to follow. (2 Words)
6.A circuit in which the parts are connected so that electric current passes through each part, one after another, along a single pathway. (2 Words)
8.A device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy.

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