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Rise of Fascism

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1.Hitler's Private Army
7.Mussolini's Private fascist army (thugs)
9.Hitler signed a non-aggression pact with this rival country to avoid a two front war
10.English Translation of the Title of Hitlers "AutoBiography"
11.A key goal of Hitler and the Nazi party was to overturn the unfair _____ __ ________
20.Famous quote after Hitler "promised" to not invade Czechoslovakia at the Munich Conference. There will be...
21.Event where Hitler eliminated potential opponents even some Nazi supporters like Ernst Rohm
22.Country that first became aggressive after WWI by invading Northern China
24.Key Group that the Italian Fascist opposed
25.Hitler "peacefully" united Germany and this country (his home country) in 1938.
26.As democracy failed in Europe it gave rise to this form of Government
27.Hitler claimed the master race need more _____________ "living Space"
28.German Title of Hitler's "AutoBiography"
2.Fascist leaders always made promises to _____ _________ ________
3.Hitler claimed Germany should rule the mountainous region of this country because Germanic people lived there
4.Alliance to become the axis around which Europe would rotate
5.Other than Communists, what group did Hitler blame for the problems of Germany after WWI
6.Attempting to please someone in order to avoid conflict
7.New style of war that Hitler will unleash in Poland in 1939
8.Fascist leader of Italy
9.Event where Japanese soldiers brutally murdered up to 250,000 Chinese civilians
12.Mussolini's job before leading the Fascist revolution in Italy
13.Global peace organization that was supposed to avoid conflicts between nations
14.in fascism, loyalty to _____ and ________ is stressed.
15.title given Mussolini "the Leader
16.Title Given to Hitler once he took control of the Nazi Party "the Leader"
17.Event in History that caused people to listen to the Radial ideas of Hitler and Mussolini
18.The Nazi parties failed attempt at overthrowing the German Government
19.African nation that Mussolini invaded to gain revenge for a loss in 1890
23.Symbol that the NAZI party adopted

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