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States Of Matter Chapter 8 Preview

Alison Davis

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1.solid to liquid...p. 219
4.gas at room temperature...p. 214
6.liquid to gas...p. 220
7.how much space an object takes up...p. 215
9.change that requires energy (energy is gained)...p. 219
12.solid with a random arrangement of atoms...p. 211
13.measure of how fast the particles in an object are moving...p. 214
15.volume of a gas is directly related to the temperature at a constant pressure...p. 216
19.solid to gas...p. 222
20.gas to a liquid...p. 221
22.sub-microscopic particles that make up matter...p. 210
23.temperature at which a liquid changes to a solid...p. 219
24.liquid to liquid...p. 219
2.metal that melts with body temperature...p. 219
3.volume of a gas is inversely related to the pressure at a constant temperature...p. 216
5.amount of force exerted on a given area of surface...p. 215
8.change that gives off energy (energy is lost)...p. 219
10.solid with a very orderly arrangement of atoms...p. 211
11.special property of liquids that cause drops to form...p. 212
14.state of matter with a definite volume but no definite shape...p. 212
16.liquid to a gas...p. 220
17.liquid's resistance to flow; thickness...p. 212
18.state of matter with a definite shape and volume...p. 211
21.state of matter that has neither a definite volume or shape...p. 213

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