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chareet shah

1             2    
3               4
6                         7          
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16                   17        

1.__________is used to reduce friction
3._________is a force to stabilize an object floating in the water
6.the thermometer used to measure the boiling point of water
10.full form of ms
11.the lower fixed point
13.the si unit for nanometer
14.A maget can attract or _________
16.you accuracy depends on how well has the instrument has been __________
17.length, mass and time is measured in ___________
18.___________moves in the opposite direction of a force
19.the liquid __________ and spreads up inside the thermometer
2.the object that is used to measure force in newtons
4.____________shapes are used to reduce air resistance
5._________is a driving force
6.The full form of Mt
7.something that fools our senses
8.the temperature of the sun's core
9.A _________force occurs when the object or material exerting the force touches the object or material on which the force acts
12.air resistance and water resistance are also known as__________
15._________is the amount of matter in an object

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